guides to Europe's Major Cities is your guide to Europe's capital cities. We have information about each of Europe's capitals including sights to see, places to visit and where to stay.

If you are interested in visiting this great continent, be sure to check out this site before setting off!

This guide contains some information about key European cities including London, Madrid, Berlin and Paris, not to mention some lesser known destinations like Yerevan and Bucharest. The great thing about Europe is that there are so many fascinating cities within easy reach of each other. Did you know, for example, that Bratislava and Vienna are only 80km apart?


Check out our guides to see a list of major attractions in each of the cities. From museums and galleries to top nightclubs and bars, our guides have all the info you need and links to key resources for each destination.

Despite being a geographically small continent, Europe's nations have fascinating and diverse histories. This makes for fascinating and diverse European cities! The architecture of southern capitals like Rome and Madrid, for example, is completely different to the Scandinavian capitals like Oslo and Stockholm.


Our guides include a brief history of each city and some up-to-date information to help you choose a destination. One of the main features of this European city guide is that it gives you some background into the formation of the cities we know today.

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