Oslo - Norway

Norwegian capital Oslo is one of the jewels in Scandinavia’s crown. With long, summer evenings and a great standard of living, you can get away from the tourist hoards in one of Europe’s relatively peaceful weekend destinations. One of the most appealing aspects of Oslo for many visitors is that the city is so close to the great outdoors; a short drive will deliver you amazing scenery and glorious fresh air.

Oslo’s estimated population is just over 1.25 million, making it one of Scandinavia’s three largest cities.



Henrik Ibsen is arguably the most famous figure in Norwegian literature, having written plays such as A Doll's House, Peer Gyn and The Lady from the Sea. His overarching influence can be found in Norwegian literature to this day.

Tourists will be struck by how laid back the city and its inhabitants are, making for a relaxing city break.


As with their Scandinavian neighbours in Sweden and Denmark, Norwegians are design-focussed and not afraid to experiment with new buildings. While Oslo may lack some of the old-world charm of other Scandinavian cities, there is plenty of challenging, modern architecture to take in. This said, a visit to Grünerløkka (known for its vibrant café culture) is well worth it.


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Oslo has warm summers with average temperatures of up to 22°C and lows of around 12 °C. Winters are cold and snowy with temperatures between −7 °C and −1 °C being fairly typical.

Oslo sits on Oslofjord, which can occasionally freeze over during the winter months, although this is becoming rarer.

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