Berne - Switzerland

Swiss capital city Bern is only the fifth most populous city in the country, after Zürich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne. The official language of Bern is Swiss German and the local dialect is Bernese German.

The ancient centre of Bern is largely medieval and is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site. The best known sight in the city is the Zytglogge ("Time Bell"), a highly elaborate medieval clock tower famed for its moving puppets. The 15th century Gothic cathedral, called Münster cathedral, is well worth a visit for anyone interested in churches.

Bern is home to a number of heritage sites of national significance and some of regional significance.  Naturally, the Old Town and many sites within it (classified as a UNESCO Heritage Site) including the Bärengraben, the Gewerbeschule Bern and the Kirchenfeld mansion district, the Federal Archives, the Swiss National Library, the Thunplatzbrunnen, the Federal Mint building, Alpine Museum, the Historical Museum, and Natural History Museum are must-sees in this beautiful capital.

The famed physicist Albert Einstein lived in an apartment on Kramgasse, the site of the Einsteinhaus, from 1903 to 1905.

The Rosengarten is a wonderful spot to enjoy a panoramic view of the medieval city. The garden is a quaint rosary situated on a hill, converted into a park from a cemetery at the start of the twentieth century.


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Bern has a relatively steady and cool climate, with peak summer temperatures averaging 22-24 C and chilly winters where snow and freezing temperatures are typical.

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